Benefits of better workplaces

A better physical place to work has positive impact on the company overall results. From a HHRR point of view, employees have turned into the new internal cutomers for most innovative organizations, and this offers a new perspective on how to manage their expectations to get the best out of it. A proper workspace design can boost people's productivity and performance, so it might be considered as a key point in the business strategies.

A report published by the British Council of Offices offers an interesting research on how different issues such as job satisfaction (24% of impact), individual performance (5%) or team performance (11%), are directly related to workspace effects.

Another interesting research, points that tracked turnover levels went down from 25% to 11%, and increased performance of around 110%.

Fundamental design elements can have a positive impact on work environment.

Health, safety and comfort. Air quality, temperature, noise, lighting, ergonomics or personal control are main factors that have a direct effect on measured results. As an example, in 1999 field study research by de Dear et al found out that 23.5 oC was reported as the preferred temperature and, in school environments, classrooms with daylight conditions received test scores 15% higher.

Supporting work process. Concentration, communication, density and variety of spaces are key issues to consider to have a positive influence on the employees overall performance. Quiet spaces account for a 40% higher scores in mental arithmetic tasks or 8% decrease in total error rate in serial recall tasks .

Internal expression. Values & brand experience and sense of community and identity are also tools of communicating the beliefs and values of an organization between employees and employers.

The consequences of planning workspaces conciously can make a big difference within professional organizations, not only on improving your 'internal customer' perception of the company brand & values, but also and most important, on how to achieve better results in terms of health, comfort and productivity.

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