Smart Cities in São Paulo

Carlo Ratti, professor and director at the senseable city laboratory in the MIT, is one of the most renowned specialists and researchers about the smart cities concept in the world. He was last Thursday lecturing in São Paulo at the event organized by the Insper and el país brasil, and we had the opportunity to discover some of the projects in which the different multidisciplinar teams of professionals that he is leading are currently working on.


The lecture was divided in ten different points as the most relevant fields in which cities are struggling to be smarter.

1. Public Participation.

2. Smart phone / Smart city.

3. Smart of things.

4. Mobility.

5. Energy.

6. Responsive Public Space.

7. End of disciplines.

8. New Universities.

9. The Third Industrial Revolution.

10. Structure of the City.

In all them, he showed up some of the most disruptive technologies that are being developed all around the world, and some of them were particularly interesting for different reasons. Uber appeared as a clear example of what smart phones and smart city can do for a more efficient mobility around cities. We were particularly impresses by the 'live Singapore' project in which we could visualize all sort of data in real time from our devices, such as the use of the mobile phone and real-time talks, the use of the energy and real-time temperature of urban areas when hot weather increases the use of air-conditioning or time distorsion by measuring the time to reach different areas of the city.

Other interesting companies working to improve our daily use of energy is nest, the smart thermostat that learns from your behaviour, developed by the ex-apple employee Tony Fadell. We also learned, with the 'one country/two lungs' project in China, what happens with levels of pollution when we walk all around Hong Kong and move to green areas out of the city, through sensors that collect and visualize data in real time.

These are few examples of what was presented as the future of the cities, and we feel really excited about it!

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