Smart Cities - Barcelona

Yesterday we were talking about 'smart cities - Barcelona' with our friends from the FINEP, in Rio de Janeiro. The event started with a review of the Barcelona case in which we offered a big picture of what is happening in the catalan capital, a successful case taken as an example for cities aiming to become 'smarter'. Our experience in the implementation of smart solutions was in the Barbastro Urban Design that were not finally brought into reality, with the monitored control of irrigation and dumpster capacities to omptimize public service and water supply. Embracing new technologies and enhancing public administration involvement into this leading role, are key to become a cluster in this subject.

Verena Andreatta from the Niterói Mobility and Urbanism Secretary, talked us about the new infrastructures and connections between Rio and Niterói, the city in which Oscar Niemeyer built its famous Contemporary Art Museum, a piece of beautiful landmark. New modern connections to improve public transport thinking about the 2016 Olympics.

Finally, Silvia Fingerut, Project Coordinator at FGV Projetos, gave us a wide view of how Public Sector should face future challenges regarding the potential of public-private partnerships to attrack talent and share knowledge, and improve public employees and managers awareness in order to adopt all those beautiful challenges.


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