Laranjeiras Urban Design exhibition

The project 'Laranjeiras Urban Design' developed with Coletivo de Arquitetos will be exhibited until the last days of September in the FAUUSP Maranhão, in the Rua Maranhão, 88 in São Paulo. You will find a sample of the work developed intensly during 6 months, with renders, plans, sections and details. The main idea considers the need to recover the whole urban space between the river and the closest constructions, that had been one of the most dinamic urban areas in the past, when the river was one of the main accesses to town and fishermen used it to sail. In the recent years it had been left and used only as a dumpster or as a residual space, and nowadays it is called to be the new main axes of the city.


#laranjeiras #urbandesign #exhibition #brazil #2014

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