Design Experience




Building an experience is bringing design one step forward. Focusing on the market demand means finding opportunities to build something valuable to the community, designing it as a product, service or business idea, and making it real by putting all the resources and capabilities to work. And that's what we do.


  • Developing & investing in opportunities & ideas.

  • Offering Urban, Architectural, Engineering, Interior and Product Design Service.

  • Building Consultancy & management




A global mindset as a result of a collaborative multidisciplinar team of professionals worldwide able to share their knowledge and being complementary to each other. Strong capabilities that drive new working processes, innovation, and flexibility to adopt change as part of our business culture. GAP is currently set in Barcelona, has a branch office in Dubai, and has prospected different markets such as Ghana, Alger, China, South Korea, India, Saudí Arabia, Kazakhstan, Bolívia and Ecuador.


We cover a wide range of sectors from civil engineering to product design. An horizontal segmented approach grown by aligned and shared interests across collaborators and associated companies that increase our capabilities and expertise in several fields such as:


  • Urban Planning

  • Commercial

  • Hospitality

  • Mixed use

  • Mass transit

  • Public Buildings

  • Residential

  • Offices & Retail

  • Medical & Healthcare

  • Interior Design



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