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December 6, 2015

Brazilian property market is living an stagnation process as the economy is getting worse. Even if there has not been an official bubble burst, prices are deflating if we consider that in the last five years they had been tripled, even quadrupled in Rio de Janeiro. In real terms prices have fallen -3,65% since inflation is higher than the price annual increase. Some important indicators are:



August 16, 2015


Resulta interesante pararnos a reflexionar sobre cual es y ha sido estos últimos años el papel en la arquitectura del recurso estructural más recurrente en aeronáutica: el voladizo. A grandes rasgos, y para sorpresa de muchos, un avión no es nada más que un enorme voladizo sostenido por sus alas, convirtiéndose en un punto de apoyo gracias a la presión vertical del aire que les confiere su geometría y...

August 16, 2015


És prou interessant parar-nos ara a reflexionar sobre quin és i ha estat aquests darrers anys el paper en l’arquitectura del recurs estructural més recorrent en aeronàutica: el voladís. A grans trets, i per sorpresa de molts, un avió no és res més que un enorme voladís sostingut per les seves ales, convertint-se en punt de suport gràcies a la pressió vertical de l’aire que els confereix la seva geometr...

June 22, 2015

A better physical place to work has positive impact on the company overall results. From a HHRR point of view, employees have turned into the new internal cutomers for most innovative organizations, and this offers a new perspective on how to manage their expectations to get the best out of it. A proper workspace design can boost people's productivity and performance, so it might be considered as a key...

January 9, 2015

BIM tools are here to stay. Architects and engineers have seen how technology has been moving forward very fast compared to what we have been able to implement in our own offices, usually due to... "the lack of time", "the rush of the day by day" or the "urgency of the deadlines". With the exception of the US, UK and other tech-lover countries, most of the small-middle practices are struggling to adopt...

December 21, 2014



Una de les tècniques de la construcció més recorrents durant algunes dècades a España, va ser el que es coneix com a 'envanets de sostremort', que servia per donar inclinació a les cobertes de la gran majoría de construccions.


Aquest sistema consisteix en aixecar fileres de maó foradat normalment de 4x14x29 cm donant la inclinació desitjada, una tècnica fàcil de posar en pràctica i per tant barata, qu...

October 13, 2014

Carlo Ratti, professor and director at the senseable city laboratory in the MIT, is one of the most renowned specialists and researchers about the smart cities concept in the world. He was last Thursday lecturing in São Paulo at the event organized by the Insper and el país brasil, and we had the opportunity to discover some of the projects in which the different multidisciplinar teams of professionals...

October 1, 2014

Yesterday we were talking about 'smart cities - Barcelona' with our friends from the FINEP, in Rio de Janeiro. The event started with a review of the Barcelona case in which we offered a big picture of what is happening in the catalan capital, a successful case taken as an example for cities aiming to become 'smarter'. Our experience in the implementation of smart solutions was in the Barbastro Urban De...

September 1, 2014

The project 'Laranjeiras Urban Design' developed with Coletivo de Arquitetos will be exhibited until the last days of September in the FAUUSP Maranhão, in the Rua Maranhão, 88 in São Paulo. You will find a sample of the work developed intensly during 6 months, with renders, plans, sections and details. The main idea considers the need to recover the whole urban space between the river and the close...

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December 6, 2015

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