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Figure 01. Area of the projects by status

Figure 02. Total area of projects in progress

G A P is a young and proactive company, born as the sum of a multidisciplinar team of professionals offering a full-range of tailored investment, design and management services and products that create significant value to investors, users and community.


Top design quality. We work hard to offer differentiated services and products to create positive impact on our clients and the community. We select our suppliers and partners to pioritize satisfaction of our final product.


Process-driven approach We believe in design as a process to approach problems and offer solutions in every step of the pad, and it is one of our main drivers to take decisions.


Value management. The implementation of Value Management (VM) methodology maximize value for money and can be applied to any type of projects regardless of the size and timeframe and at all stages throughout the lifecycle of the project from inception to completion.


Result-oriented. We rely on outstanding processes to reach exceptional results. Our performance is based on what we deliver and we try to improve them constantly.


Collaboration with local partners globally is crucial to reach a broader market around the world, as networks increase efficiency of resources.  


Sharing knowledge. We encourage our multidisciplinar team to think out of the box and bring new and fresh ideas, approaches and processes. The only way to create value constantly is by thinking different and reinventing.

Figure 03. % of budget per project type


"Creating a complete Design Experience"


OFFERING tailored investment OPPORTUNITIES, MANAGEMENT, & design SERVICES for companies and individuals IN THE BUILDING & REAL ESTATE INDUSRY, THAT create a positive impact to our clientS, INVESTORS, TO the ultimate userS and the community


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Albert Albareda Valls

Architect - Founder & Partner


Architecture Bachelor Degree along with a PhD in Structural Engineering by the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB) from the Tech University of Catalonia (UPC). Professor of Structural Design in the Barcelona School of Architecture, visiting professor in 2013 in the Civil and Environmental Department in Northeastern University (Boston, MA) and Coordinator in the program "Structural Engineering in Architecture" of the UPC School Foundation. I lead a small architectural and structural engineering family office, and in 2014  we started founding GAP, to grow and implement different business strategies to reach a larger market base and explore new ways to leverage our potential capabilities. 

Carles Pastor Foz

Architect - Founder & Partner


Architecture Bachelor Degree by the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB) from the Tech University of Catalonia (UPC) along with an MBA + Architecture (Master in Architectural Management and Design) by IE Business school. After several professional experiences in different studios in Barcelona such as EMBT, Mora & Sanvisens arquitectes and Xavier Güell arq., I started working at the family office, Pastor & Associats, that I left to create my own business founding GAP around 2014. Before that, in 2009 I co-founded VISITARQ, an online architectural guide, and in 2013 we create AIRSUITE, an innovative accommodation service. I enjoy the business of architecture, creating nice spaces and things that generate some positive value, an impulse that I try to reflect to my daily routine and relations.

Roger Blasco

Architect & Graphic Designer - Associate

With an Architecture Bachelor Degree by the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB) from the Tech University of Catalonia (UPC), I have developed my early professional experience in different studios from Barcelona such as DOM arquitectes or TDA Arquitectura y Urbanismo.  After three years as a Project director at WWM Arquitectes, I founded ERBA in 2012, my professional practice offerng different sort of design services. Along with it, in 2003 I co-founded Revista Diagonal, an architectural and urban design magazine close related to the Barcelona School of Architecture, that was recognized with a meritory Medal by the Institute of Catalan Architects (COAC). I am a profound passionate of Photography & Design and I try to bring concepts and experiences these fields to architecture.

Ramon Corrochano

Architect - Project Director

I studied my Architecture Bachelor Degree by the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB) from the Tech University of Catalonia (UPC) while I was earning experience within different architectural practices, combining theory and practice to reach a wider angle of the industry. In 2010 I started at Albareda Arquitectes, now merged with GAP, where I’ve been learning the whole process, from the early design stages to the construction management and control. Since I finished the University I’ve finished several courses related to Restoration and Renovation of residential and industrial buildings, or Sustainability and Renewable Energy in buildings. Nowadays my role as a Project Director involves creating LOMs, budgets, planning construction phases, organizing tenders with suppliers and creating follow-ups for clients and managers.

Pablo Fernandez

Architect-  Project Director


Architecture Bachelor Degree by the Architecture, design and Urbanism School of Buenos Aires, and Master in Structural Engineering in Architecture at UPC Foundation School. I am involved in the construction industry since high-school, when I worked as a building technician. Over the years I have grown professionally in different architectural studios, construction companies and even owing a company, experiences that required a direct involvement in architectural and construction processes offering me a complete and integrated vision of the spectrum. In 2018 I started at GAP Associates, where I am directly involved in all stages of the design process, from early ideas to materialization.



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